Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pug Cake

After the pug cupcakes, I was asked to make a simple pug cake.  My friend's friend has two little black pugs.  One of which recently went through surgery and lost her eye.  I went on a quest to find some pug cakes to inspire me on what to create and I came across this beautiful cake which can be found here

What I love most about this cake is the composition in that one of the pugs is not on the cake but on the side and trying to climb making the cake look more interesting. If I had more time I would have loved to have covered this in fondant, but overall I was very happy with the pugs and all their wrinkles.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Eiffel Towers . . . literally

This cake was very simple to make, but when making objects that are very delicate such as royal icing latices of the Eiffel Tower you need to make several in quantity and to allow a lot of dry time.  

This chocolate salted caramel cake with Bacon was for my friend at work Jocelyn, who loves all things Parisian.  So yes, that is a strip of bacon on the top.  The flowers and pearls were nothing new, but this Eiffel Tower idea, I had never done this before. I had originally wanted to make it 3 dimensional, but I didn't have the right "jigs" set up so that it would dry.  So I decided to just go with a simple one dimension image, that I hoped the frosting would hold up. 

The night before I pipped out a total of 4x - Eiffel Towers, two on parchment paper and two on a plastic film. Plastic film worked out the best as it didn't wrinkle like the parchment paper did due to the moisture.  In the morning I began peeling off the paper . . . .. I broke every single tower beyond repair . . . 

I piped exactly two more on the plastic film and brought it to work.  I let it dry for about 6 hours.  At 3pm it was the point of no return  . . 

Eiffel Tower #5 . . I slowly peeled off the backing . . . success.  However, when it came to putting it into the cake . . . I snapped off the leg . .  DOH!

Last chance . . . Eiffel Tower #6 . . . All or Nothing . . . the structure came off the plastic without a hitch and went right onto the cake . . . Unfortunately, with the Eiffel Tower in place, the cake was much taller and the box lid dropped and snapped off the tip! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Corgi Meetup

So my neighbor in the office LOVES Corgis and her birthday was coming up

Therefore the theme of her cake was going to be a Corgi meet up in the park.  So the idea was to make a number of different corgi's each with their own unique style.  The corgi's didn't quite come out the way I wanted them too, because I'm not sure off hand you know they are supposed to be corgis. However, you know they are dogs. My favorite is the high fashion corgi with her big bug eye sunglasses, hat and pearls

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Joseph 1st Birthday - Cat and the Hat themed

Melissa and Russell's baby just turned one and they decided to throw a birthday party themed around the Cat and the Hat.

We decided that we were going to make a small six inch cake and then serve sheet cake to keep it simple.  However, when I started to look for inspiration I came across a beautiful cake by Andrea's Sweets that I decided to replicate but at a smaller scale. Additionally, I LOVE topsy turvy cakes and I have yet to do one.  This cake is the closest that I've gotten to.  For perspective, the base layer is a 6 inch cake, with the second being 4 inches.  The additional cat hat was made out of rice crispy treats and covered in fondant.

You'll see that in this next picture that the cake started sinking in.  This was partly due to the day being EXTREMELY hotter than normal.  I believe the weather was in the 100s where normally in the bay area it is in the low 80s!  And possible due to the pressure placed on the cake when positioning the cat

To quickly recap the process, my partner in cakes Jayson baked and frosted all the cakes, allowing me to focus on the decorations.  I started off with sculpting the main focal points being the cat, the fish in the bowl and then the giant hat.  Then I shifted and started working on the board and the lettering.  During this time, he helped out making the red and white balls bordering the second tier.  The next morning, I began assembling the cake.  I wasn't sure how I was going to make the snowcaps, but in the end I used rolled fondant and covered the top, and then tucked in the excess to make the snow ploughs.

I love themed cakes.  My favorite part about this cake was the Cat's hat and fishbowl with the water spilling out.  When it cake to making this cake, nothing had to be perfect, which is the beauty of topsy turvy cartoony cakes.  

Monday, April 29, 2013

Lorraine's Birthday Cupcakes

For Lorraine's birthday we took her out to dinner and rinks at Trick Dog.  The food was delicious, but just know they do not do desserts, however based on the menu now it looks like they do ice cream.  On this day it worked out perfectly because we had special cupcakes of Lorraine that we surprised her with

This is Marc trying to distract Lorraine so we can get the cupcakes into the kitchen's fridge.

Eating birthday tulips . . . also placing a penny into the vase of water hold your tulips helps to keep them upright

Our first round of drinks for the night.  Trick Dog is known for their drinks.  Their cocktail/drink menu is laid out in a paint swatch book

Here's the close up of the cupcakes.  I was really pleased with the roses on these cupcakes.  The petals have a lot of texture and ruffling

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patty's Cupcakes for Dad

My Dad's birthday is Saint Patricks day, so this year I thought I would make him some cupcakes to celebrate. Happy Birthday Pops!!

Eat up Mom and Dad!!!